Dinosaurs Alive

Animatronic Engineering P/L designs and builds robotics for Zoos, Museums, Theme Parks and Attractions.

DINOSAURS ALIVE! is AE's dinosaur brand.

The company's products meet or exceed Australian Standards for electrical safety.

• Our animatronics are water proof
• Operate indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions
• Manufactured with fire-retarded foam.
• Control cabinets are rated to IP66.
• Rigging and machinery comply with Australian Standards.
• Staff covered by liability insurance.
• We carry $20M public liability insurance

We enjoy the support of our customers because we provide the highest level of service and reliability. We collaborate with our customers to ensure a trouble free installation and exhibitions.We enjoy repeat business from existing customers and new business with referrals from satisfied customers.

For more information of hire or sales: admin@animatronicengineering.tv for more information

See some photos of the dinosaurs here DINO GALLERY

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