Dinosaurs Alive

DINOSAURS ALIVE! is an outdoor educative and fun-filled exhibition featuring robotic dinosaurs. It takes visitors along the 165 million year journey of the Age of Dinosaurs.

Visitors can marvel and learn about the nine dinosaurs on display as they walk through the exhibition. They will see Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Pteranodon, Ornithomimus, Ornitholestes and Triceratops in motion. By seeing the life-like dinosaurs move in front of them, guests can imagine how the magnificent creatures once roamed the Earth.

Click on the dinosaurs above to learn more about the dinosaurs featured in DINOSAURS ALIVE!

The exhibition presents more wonderful learning opportunities with informative panels placed throughout the space on climate change, flora and fauna, fossils, and more as well as a 2 metre tall Tyrannosaurus Rex leg and cast fossil T-Rex footprint.

Dinosaur and dinosaur related fact sheets are available for download from the Dino Resources section of our website. Here you can also take a peek at a few of the dinosaurs in the exhibition in our photo gallery!